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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautify your nail for the coming Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is coming soon!!
Getting ready to surprise your loved one? Or impress your "ehem' and "hook-up"...?!
Got your hair-do? Yes! Dress-up sexily? hehe... Of course!
And gorgeous make-up? Definitely!

Well done!!

How about your nail? It's time to beautify your nails now!

Our nail accessories are on sales now!

Item 1: Rhinestones

You can opt for additional blink-blink when you get your manicure and pedicure done in the saloon! Normally, The manucurist will charge you for each rhinestone at RM1 (or higher)!! :p
BUT! Now you can get it here @
RM10 per box only (used to be RM19.90)!!
Hurray!! You can stick as many as you want!!
You can DIY too.
After apply your favorite nail polish, just place them on your nail before it dries.
Very easy!

Too busy (or lazy) to go to nail saloon? Or no budget? :(
Fake nails can solve your problem!
Easy to stick, easy to remove, and you can change pattern everyday!! :p
50% off for all artificial nails here!
RM4 per set only (used to be RM8)

You want your nail to look something like this?
Very easy, all you need to do is... After pplying your favorite nail polish, apply some nail glue on the fruit slices and stick on top of the nail polish!
Your nails will look so kawaii!! :)
The promotion are
when you purchase 50 fruit slices and nail glue!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

False eyelashes XIV

10 pairs in a box
Fashionable, Full, thick and suitable for parties & clubbing!! :)
Slight similar as LHL08109(#009), but longer.
Price: RM25 per box
Status: Sold!
Code: LHL08309(#01)
Limited boxes!!

Feather Collection III

Green "polka dot" feather
It looks like peacock feathers!
Very dramatic and charming!

Price: RM29.90
Status: Sold!
Code: LHL04209

Feather Collection II

Pink feather
Very dramatic and daring! Dare to try?!
Price: RM29.90
Status: Available
Code: LHL04109

Feather Collection I

Blue feather
Very Dramatic and daring! :)
Price: RM29.90
Status: Available
Code: LHL04009