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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fruit Bars/ Slices

Fruit bars for nail art, or decorate handphone, laptop... Very nice and very cute!!
(4) Dragon fruit; (6) Strawberry; (7) Orange; (8) watermelon;
(10) pineapple; (13) apple; (14) lemon; (15) grapefruit;
(16) watermelon (quater); (17) pink ribbon mini; (18) love; (19) Rabbit (blue)
Also available: watermelon (half); butterfly.
Status: Available

10 slices for RM2
20 slices for RM3
Subsequent 10 pieces RM1 only. :)


  1. hi..i m wondering that 10 slices mean those mini mini pieces which already cut or 10 stick/bar which not yet cut??

  2. Hi JeanniT, thank you for your enquiry. !
    10 slices mean already cut, like the pic of oranges. :) Let me know if you are interested?

  3. oh ok then does it have to be all 1kind or can mix, exp:
    10 slices for RM2 (1kind)
    20 slices for RM3 (2kind-10 pieces each kind)
    Subsequent 10 pieces RM1 only. :)(each kind 10 pieces) ??? sorry i just wanna make sure i didnt order wrongly ..

  4. You can mix, and it is any quantity you want. :) Subject availablity. Minimum 10 pcs (any fruits). erh... clear? hehe... Purchase 50 pcs and nail glue, I will give you free pos express.

  5. oh ok i understand already...so i wondering how many types of diff bar u have? is it all in the pic that u have?? do u sell the rhinestones as well?
    and can i reserve these artificial nails?
    and do you have 2set each??

    Code: LHL11109
    Code: LHL11209
    Code: LHL11309(this 1 really dont have anymore?)

  6. Can you please email me? lemonty@yahoo.com? Thank you.